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D C BUILDING DEVELOPMENTS LTD would like to ensure that the safety, health and well-being of our employees and customers is of paramount importance and our first concern.

We have set out practical steps that are vital for employees to keep themselves and work place safe. These measures must be adhered to at all times.

We have the relevant PPE to reduce risk, as required by our risk assessment. Hygiene measures are in place allowing us to continue to work in certain circumstances and at all times keeping safe working practices, following Government guidelines.

We will have regular updates and discussions, keeping our employees fully informed and will listen to any concerns from our employees.

We will ensure all our employees are aware of the symptoms of Covid 19 virus and the need to inform us should they feel unwell. They will be instructed to go home immediately and follow the guidelines for self-isolation. They will not return to work until they are out of the isolation period or tested negative.

All employees will be expected to travel alone in their own vehicles, unless from the same household.

Our customers will be contacted prior to our arrival to site.
Social-distancing will be adhered to and PPE will be used by our employees where necessary, to reduce any risk to both parties.



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